Telemedicine Video Library

These videos from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) will help equip you to integrate telemedicine in your sleep practice. Learn from the expertise of sleep medicine clinicians who share tips and instructions on how to use telemedicine to provide high quality care for patients who have problems with sleep and daytime alertness. Learn more from the AASM abouttelemedicineandtelemedicine codes.

A Fireside Chat on Telemedicine

Members of the AASM Telemedicine Presidential Committee discuss telemedicine implementation as the field navigates through the COVID-19 public health emergency. Topics discussed during this two-part webcast include: how to start telemedicine, patient readiness for telemedicine (location, orientation, consent), prescribing controlled substances, malpractice insurance, and eventual resumption of in-person visits after telemedicine.

Host: Barry Fields, MD
Panelists: Innessa Donskoy, MD; Dennis Kelley, APRN; William Martin, PsyD; Matthew Troester, DO; Christine Won, MD

Part 1: Getting started

In Part 1 of the Fireside Chat on Telemedicine, Dr. Fields and the panelists answer a series of questions to help you understand how to get started with telemedicine. (43 minutes | November 2020)

  • How did you start implementing telemedicine? What resources did you use?
  • How do you get consults/referrals/handle scheduling (now vs. pre-COVID)? What does that “supply chain” look like?
  • How do you assess patient suitability for telemedicine?
  • How do you handle “webside” manner (location, background, etc.)?
  • How do you handle the physical exam? What kind of technology are you using?
  • Do you obtain informed consent? Does your obtaining it depend on patient or setting?
  • What staff do you need working (vs. furloughed) to provide this care effectively?

Part 2: Billing, privacy, licensing, and much more

In Part 2 of the Fireside Chat on Telemedicine, Dr. Fields and the panelists answer a series of questions to help you understand a variety of issues related to telemedicine implementation. (44 minutes | November 2020)

  • How do you get telemedicine billed and paid for and who handles it in your office?
  • What studies have you been doing, and has that ordering and study review process changed with more telemedicine being used?
  • How are you handling controlled substance prescriptions?
  • How do you handle privacy and security concerns?
  • How are you handling licensing issues?
  • How do you track clinical outcomes (PAP downloads, serial Epworths, etc.)?
  • How do you take care of post-visit communications and follow-up? What about discharge instructions?
  • How do you foresee incorporating telemedicine in a post COVID world?
  • What do you wish you knew about telemedicine before starting or working in your program?

Case Studies

In continuing the Fireside Chat series, Committee members discuss specific case studies, as included in the Telemedicine Implementation Guide.

Case 1: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Case 5: Insomnia


Case 6: Hypersomnolence and Regulated Prescriptions

Introducing Telemedicine into Your Sleep Practice

AASM Past President Dr. Lawrence Epstein and attorney Lisa Mazur discuss the implementation of telemedicine in the practice of sleep medicine, resources for setting up a telemedicine service, legal and regulatory issues, and how COVID-19 is changing the landscape. (47 minutes | March 2020)