Become an AASM Fellow

Take the next step to upgrade your member status to Fellow – a prestigious standing of AASM membership. Fellow status recognizes outstanding contributions in sleep medicine and dedicated membership in the Academy.



  • Membership with the AASM as a Full or Team member for the last five consecutive years
  • Demonstration of special contributions to scientific literature or significant advancements in the field of sleep medicine in at least two of three areas: Scholarship, Service, or Education (Health Professionals/Public Awareness)
  • 两封推荐/支持信件:
    • Letter of recommendation from an AASM Fellow member or someone board certified in sleep medicine describing the nominee’s achievements in at least two of the three areas noted. Letter cannot be written by a current AASM board member.
    • Second letter of support from an independent medical professional outside the group or department of the nominee. This letter of recommendation cannot be written by an immediate family member, a subordinate, or a current AASM board member.
  • Copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and documentation of certification, if applicable
Applications Open for 2022: 10月11日,2021年至12月1日,2021年12月1日
Application Review: 12月1日至12月15日,2021年12月15日
Results Shared with Applicants: Mid-February
新的同事宣布公众: April 1
新的同伴仪式: AASM Membership Meeting at SLEEP (June)

CV/Resume Writing Tips

Sample Fellow Applications

  • How do I find out if I have been a member for 5 consecutive years?
  • May I reapply if I am not accepted as a Fellow this year?
    • 虽然大多数申请人都有许多突出的成就,但有些可能会缺乏描述贡献领域的重大成就。我们鼓励成员在符合要求时重新申请。
  • 我需要在睡眠医学中获得董事会是否有资格?
    • No, Board certification is not a requirement.
  • How do I find someone to help write a letter of recommendation?

How Do I Submit An Application?


To apply, please submit the following at一度:

  1. 的应用程序
  2. (2) letters of recommendation/support
  3. CV/Resume
  4. Documentation of board certification, if applicable.

To the AASM by email。或通过邮件发送:

Attn: Membership Department
Darien,IL 6056

Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance as an AASM Fellow member.