The opportunity to be a mentee is available to AASM members looking to develop personally and professionally as sleep medicine professionals. We encourage those interested to take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable support and guidance from experienced mentors as you explore your career path and expand your networks to gain a competitive advantage.

To participate as a mentee, you must be an active AASM member in good standing. Mentors and mentees are paired based on specialties, common career goals & experiences, and special interests. The program’s design offers flexibility for busy mentors and mentees, giving both parties control over the relationship and how it will work.

As a mentee with the AASM, you can gain knowledge, wisdom, and guidance from established AASM members in the field of sleep medicine. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow personally and professionally as a sleep medicine professional.


  • vwin德赢官方网站: As a mentee, you can hone in on new skills and expertise with your mentor there to help you develop in the field of sleep medicine. You can also gain objective feedback on important decisions that can positively impact your career.
  • Educational experience:您可以根据您的导师的现实体验获得宝贵的洞察力。使用导师,您可以讨论您在文本书中可能不会遇到的问题和情况。
  • Networking:As a mentee, you can make important connections with others in the field to help jumpstart your career. You also have an opportunity to connect with additional professionals in your mentor’s network.
  • Accountability:Your mentor helps set a course of action to reach your goals and holds you accountable to them to ensure you develop into the sleep medicine professional you strive to be.

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The AASM Mentor Program is a year-long program, starting in March and ending in February the following year.

Applications for the 2020 program will be accepted until February 29, 2020.


While there are no requirements for your match, we do offer a handful of suggestions for a successful mentor match in our informational PDF.