The Path to Sleep Medicine

The path to sleep medicine

Residencies and Fellowships


Sleep medicine fellowships are one-year programs that provide thorough clinical training and research experience in the field of sleep medicine. During the program, fellows learn about the normal mechanisms of sleep physiology and the pathophysiology of sleep disorders. Fellows gain competency in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders that help them develop skills for the interdisciplinary care of patients of all ages. Sleep medicine fellowships incorporate aspects of internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, surgery, epidemiology and basic science.


0 美国成年人
age 30-70 have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
0 %
of OSA patients lived 15+ years past diagnosis
0 %
of adults complain of insomnia
0 K crashes

Sleep Medicine Board-Certification



A Day in the Life of Dr. Skiba

A typical day in my fellowship/practice

I am a neurologist by training. I started in the Navy which allowed me to see places I would not have visited otherwise, to meet interesting people, and to experience several different clinical and administrative environments. I then decided to come back to my home state of Michigan and settle into full time sleep medicine. One of the reasons I like my position is every day is little bit different! In general, I work about 8-9 hrs a day. I start at 8 am on most days, but I also have days I start early at 7 am or later at 11 am. Most of this time I spend seeing patients in clinic…

Frequently Asked Questions



A number of board-certified sleep medicine physicians are involved in the business of medicine. AASM-accredited sleep facilities are owned or managed by board-certified sleep medicine physicians. Due to the multidisciplinary approach of the field, sleep physicians are uniquely qualified to work within all levels of medical administration


睡眠中的各种各样的职业机会edicine allows those in the field to customize their career goals to best fit their interests. Some may choose to provide patient care while participating in education and community outreach, while others may devote their time to research and public policy to contribute to sleep health on a broader scale. Training in sleep medicine provides a basis upon which one can pursue professional growth in a number of areas.

睡眠医学医生花时间在医院和睡眠设施中工作。他们还在办公室里看到病人。根据AASM 2012年的一项调查,他们的大部分工作都涉及对睡眠研究的临床咨询和解释。


  • 诊断和治疗各种症状和原因的多种疾病
  • 对经常因慢性疾病而经常遭受多年苦难的患者产生改变生活的影响
  • 通过减少疲劳和白天过度嗜睡的发生率来改善公共安全
  • Working with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools that offer innovative health care solutions


  • 多年来,无线下载CPAP治疗数据和在线认知行为疗法一直是睡眠场的主食。
  • A multitude of mobile consumer apps and wearable devices that monitor sleep are giving sleep physicians a better understanding of patients’ sleep disorders habits.
  • New therapeutic innovations, such as an implantable upper airway stimulation device and vibro-tactile positional therapy, are promoting precision medicine in the sleep field.